Monday, 17 September 2012

In Which The Person Who Loves Reading Neglects To Read

This post comes in several parts, so lets get cracking!

  1. So, HSBC (A bank, presumably worldwide however I am not a fountain of knowledge when it comes to banks etc so don't hold me to this) was running a competition to receive a £10,00 student bursary if you made a 90 second video and uploaded before 27th of September. Which I, as both a student and somebody who wouldn't say no to the odd ten grand, was well up for. However. It appears that I neglected to read the small print of said offer. So, after collecting all my footage (a surprising amount for the 90 seconds) and beginning work on a script (which I may or may not continue to write as an essay/ode to literature), I re-read the T&C's. Turns out you have to have an HSBC bank account by the 27th, and the actual video deadline was the 13th. One smart chap sitting right here. All I can say is thank god I didn't start editing the video, or I would be very annoyed right now...
  2. Due to work and general life, I have ended up reading a worryingly small amount over the summer for somebody who is about to embark on a literature course.Which is mildly concerning and has left me kind of dreading next week (when my course starts ahhh so excited!) However, I have FINALLY got the start of a reading list coming through (took them long enough) and I'm very much looking forward to start reading again. I always forget how much I honestly love literature until I sit down with a book and begin to read and then look up at the clock and realise that a good hour or so has passed and I'm totally engrossed in this fictitious world that a person whom I know nothing about has created. The first two books I have been assigned are "The Old Curiosity Shop" by good ol' Charlie Dickens and "The Pilgrims Progress" by John Bunyan. I love a bit of Dickens, despite having never (I think) read one of his novels in its entirity. We looked at excerpts from A Christmas Carol and David Copperfield in high school, but I don't think we ever finsihed either of think. Either way, very muchly excited for reading and discussing literature again and yes. Might make a little tally of the books I have read/ am currently reading at the bottom of each blog post. That might be a thing that I will do. I'll see how it goes.
  3. Kind of continues on from 2, but, meh. Who cares. This is my blog. I have been more tghan a little worried about the cost of said reading list after hearing some horrific figures being bounded about (the worst of which was over £200 for half a years worth of books. £200!!) but joy of joys! Both of the two afformentioned books were free to download on the Kindle (Yay for Kindle! I will being writing a post about my stance in regards to Kindle ownership vs the publishing industry in the near(ish) future (maybe, I hope, although I make no promises)). Fingers crossed most of the books I will need (especially for Literature in History) will be free on the Kindle, as I suspect many of them will be old-er so therefore out of copyright. Althoug they aren't the recomended editions, but if that becomes an issue I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.
  4. Can't quite remember what else I was going to write that was reading related, and I'm sure as soon as I click publish I'll remember, but oh well.
TTFN! xx

Currently reading: Flappers and Philosophers (Kindle Edition) by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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