Monday, 19 May 2014

Beauty: Hair Care Routine May 2014

I have an unusual hair type. I have ringlet curls, with very fine, very thin hair. But, I figure I can't be the only one with this kind of annoying hair, so I thought I'd make a post to share my method of getting the most out of my hair!

Like most curlies, I cannot go a day without washing my hair. This is partly because curly hair prevents any oils from the top of your head working their way down to the ends throughout the day, and partly because as soon as I brush my hair it looses 80% of the curl as I separate all the hair strands. Because I've also got very fine, thin hair this also means it doesn't have the weight to obey gravity*, and turns into a frizzy mess. So every morning I start by washing my hair (I tie this in with my daily shower).

When I was at home I would almost always use Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light in both the shampoo and conditioner. This was mostly because Mum had always used Pantene and this was the product which worked best for me out of their range. However, since moving to Uni, I've almost exclusively used Herbal Essences and my hair seems to love it! I'm sure it’s been softer and less dry since I've been using it. My only complaint is the wavy bottle - the cap is way too awkward to squeeze all the product out off when it's running low and hard to remove (especially with wet, soapy hands!). Luckily for me, they still have a couple of their products in traditional flip-top bottles, so I rotate between those (the Silk 'n' Shine or Moisture Balance). Both products work really well, I just find rotating between bottles keeps my hair rejuvenated as it stops it from getting too familiar with one. Not sure if there's a scientific reason behind it, but I always feel like my hair becomes lack lustre if I keep using the same type of product for a couple of bottles.

I start, as one would expect, with the shampoo, and just massage it into my scalp before rinsing. Then I apply the conditioner – which is where things get a little bit more technical (or as technical as you can get washing hair). I start by evenly distributing the conditioner through the lower ¼ of my hair. This is the cancel out the problem of dry ends I explained previously. I then get a hair brush and brush the product through the entirety of my hair. Curly hair sheds just as much as any other hair type, but because the hair gets trapped in the curls it tends to sit in my hair rather than falling out during the day. Brushing it not only gets rid of all the dead hair, but also makes sure the product is evenly distributed through my hair. I’ll usually leave this to sit in my hair whilst  do all my other shower bits and bobs so it can soak right in.

Out of the shower I towel ‘dry’ my hair. Heat on my hair kills it, not to mention gives volume I don’t really need. I brush it through again (it’s still pretty damp at this stage, but not dripping) and style it for the day. Once my hair is how I want it, I squirt Wella Shockwaves: Curls and Waves Mousse into my palm and scrunch it through my hair. This weighs down my hair, giving it a better curl and stops fly-aways too.

Then I just hope that my hair does what it’s told for the rest of the day!

If I really want to pamper my hair, and if I’ve got the time, I’ll apply a hair mask. I apply castor oil into the roots of my hair, then brush it through. Then, I’ll apply coconut oil to the bottom half of my hair. If I can, I’ll sit with a warn towel over my head for a couple of hours, but half an hour will do, then take my normal shower. This is by no means a daily routine! I try to do it a couple of times a month if I can, though.

Are you curly like me? Let me know any tips and tricks you might have either in the comments or by tweeting me @VickiMaitland.

*Not scientific fact.

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