Monday, 4 August 2014

An Apology and An Explaination

Hello all,

This is just a quick post to apologise for the irregular posting you will experience over the following week or so. I got back from Austria the other day, and am off to Sziget Festival in Budapest on Sunday (let me know if you'll be there too!). I thought I'd be able to queue up a load of posts so my schedule wouldn't get disrupted, but over the past couple of days I've been suffering from the kind of cold which stops you from doing anything remotely constructive and is basically one huge pity party - meaning that I haven't got half of the stuff ready for Hungary as I was hoping to. That is my number one priority, so getting together the kind of post I want to put up (re: Austria tales) is having to go on the back burner for the time being. 

To make up for my lack of posts, here are a couple of blogs which I love and hope you'll enjoy too!

Katie - Blogging her pearls of wisdom about day to day life.
Rosie - Nearly daily posts about her experiences teaching English in Thailand.

Both girls are wonderful, not only as writers but also as people, and both are very dear friends of mine. 

To keep up with my blog with its slightly irregular schedule, if you have a blogger you can use the follow function on your dashboard (simply type in the URL ( of the blog to get updates) or if not I'll be tweeting when I post whilst in England, and will do catch up tweets (@VickiMaitland) when I get back from Hungary.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding, it means so much to me. Now for an old time sign off...

Best Wishes,


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