Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag

It's the last week of November, so I think I'm allowed to get a little festive, especially considering Tom created this tag at the beginning of the month! So sit back, take a sip of Mulled Wine or Nog, and join in the Christmas Cheer!

1) Festive Food - Brandy Butter. I love it on everything - especially a warmed mince pie or Christmas pud!

2) Reindeer - I always liked Vixen, mostly because its the nearest sounding to my own name!

3) Day of Christmas - I like the four calling birds, but only after the long five gold rings, and when I was little I would sing it as quickly as I could.

4) Christmas Song - Mine is a tie between White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin (which I weirdly identify with even though my Christmas is more like 'Mulled Wine in the Cold'), Parade of the Wooden Soldiers by Harry Connick Jr. (which I have loved from the Disney Christmas Sing A-Long VCR (that is really taking me back!)) and It Feels Like Christmas from The Muppets Christmas Carol. As a rule I prefer the classics (The Christmas Song, Deck the Halls, Winter Wonderland) to the new tunes, although I have a strange place in my heart for Only You by The Flying Pickets. Controversially, I cannot stand All I Want For Christmas Is You - it is so overplayed.

5) Christmas Present - Even though I love getting socks, books are always my favourite gifts to give and receive.

6) Film - The Muppet's Christmas Carol! My family watch it every year and it never gets old, and, as I've mentioned, It Feels Like Christmas is up there with my favourite Christmas songs! It has to be the English VCR version though, as the DVD copy cuts out The Love Is Gone - which is a sad but beautiful song. The Polar Express is a close second though.

7) Cracker Toy - Like, Tom, I love getting the screwdrivers. They always come in handy!

8) Cracker Joke - What do you call a cat in the desert? Sandy Claws!

9) Decoration - BAUBLES EVERYWHERE. My mum hangs them from gold string off curtain rails and piles them into glass vases. It makes everywhere look so festive, and I love them in classic gold and red.

10) Candle Scent - I love Yankee Candle's Christmas Memories and Candy Cane Lane scents. Anything with cinnamon and nutmeg - and a hint of peppermint - works for me though.

11) TV ad - I loved the M&S one with Antonio Banderas in it - even though its a bit sexist I loved the production value and it has stayed with me for the last 7 years!!  John Lewis never fail to disappoint either.

12) Tradition - For me its watching The Polar Express and The Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve with my family.

13) Place to spend Christmas - At home with the family. Boring, I know, but its my favourite thing to do! Even spending it at my relatives doesn't feel quite right!

14) Christmas Fact - I don't think I have a Christmas fact, let alone a favouite one!

15) Snowman Accessory - The scarf. I love the snowman film, and his scarf is the classic symbol of Christmas.

There we go! I tag Katie-Kins Duncan to do this, along with anyone else who wants to join me in the festive spirit. Let me know if you take part by leaving a comment or tweeting me @VickiMaitland. My next post will be on going cruelty free, as I promised after my Herbal Essence Review.

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