Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag

As promised, after Friday's post thinking about priorities I thought I'd take a step back and reevaluate my own 'consumption of time' (for want of a better phrase). The 'Me Time' tag was a collaborative project between Estee and Amelia.

Q1) What do you read or watch in your 'me time'? I have got super into The West Wing recently, and that's been my go to TV show for the past few weeks. Sadly I don't have access to it at uni (boo hiss), so my down time is mostly spent watching YouTube. Bob's Burgers is a great one for an essay break as they're only 20 minutes long. I'm (still) currently reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, so that's my 'me time' bath read at the moment!

Q2) What do you wear? I'm pretty boring and I'll just wear my average day to day clothes. I'm not a huge fan of trackie bottoms or hoodies, so if I want something super comfy I'll probably just pull on a pair of harems, a loose t-shirt and a snugly sweater. I used to always be a bra on gal, but recently I've been enjoying the freedom of going bra-less on a down day.

Q3) Beauty products? I'll normally have a bath on a 'me time' day, so I'll toss in a bath bomb (if I have one, they're such a treat - actually they'll be a post up soon about why bath bombs are a sign you may need to check your privilege, but that's for another day). I'll put on a hair mask - either make my own from coconut oil and castor oil or (as that's a bit messy and coconut oil can clog up pipes really badly) I'll massage some Roots into my scalp and let it tingle! I'll put on a face mask - any of the ones from my 'Mission Skin' post depending on where the mood takes me. After the bath I'll always take the time to do a full body moisturise (I just use Superdrug's own brand Vitamin E moisturiser) or at this time of the year I like to do a bit of gradual tanning - I use Turn Me On by UR CHEEKY gradual tan and let me tell you there isn't too much gradual about it! Normally 'me time' means a no make-up day, but if there's the chance I need to look presentable I'll slap a bit of concealer under my eyes and a flick of mascara on my lashes and Bob's your mother's brother.

Q4) Current favourite nail polish? I have been loving the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polish in Pit Stop - it's such a great neutral colour. I also love Sally Hansen's Good to Grape polish (although that's not cruelty free - it was a gift!). Painting my nails can feel like it takes forever sometimes, so on a 'me time' day I take my time and put on an episode of my favourite show to watch whilst my polish drys.

Q5) What do you eat and drink? I will always have a nice big cup of tea during my 'me time' - a friend recently gave me a box of Teapig's Popcorn Tea which is an extra special treat. Give me a couple of malted milks and a bar of dark chocolate and I'm sorted! A nice freshly blended smoothie will also do the trick during summer.

Q6) Current favourite candle? I love minty scents - I think they're so clean and refreshing, and my sister got me a Candy Cane Yankee Candle for Christmas that I've been eeking out. Sainsbury's do a nice Madagascan vanilla one too. If I had the money I would splash out on a soy candle, but student living doesn't allow those frivolities!

Q7) Do you have 'outdoor me time'? In the spring/summer I love going for walks around the fields where I live. I'll either pop on a comedy pod cast or my favourite album and I'll just go for a wander. If it's super hot reading outside in the sun is just the best thing ever.

Q8) Would you go and see a movie alone? I haven't, and I don't know if I would. I'm not a huge cinema fan - unless it's a really big film I don't see the point in spending the money and I'd much rather watch it in the comfort of my own sofa.

Q9) Favourite online stores? If you saw my back to school haul you'll know I am a big fan of boohoo.com, ASOS is pretty good too . I don't actually shop much online - usually I'll have seen something in store first then I'll go back and buy it online if its not in my size or something.

Q10) Anything you like to do during 'me time'? I really enjoy re-ordering my bookshelves - so if I've got the time that will be a 'me time' activity. Going through old photos, letters and ticket stubs etc is really lovely way to spend down time too. A scroll through my Instagram feed is nice if the physical copies aren't there, as it reminds me of happy memories and days when I was feeling myself.

I'm tagging anyone else who wants to take part - tweet me (@VickiMaitland) to let me know that you've taken part! I'm also going to tag a couple of fellow bloggers, Katie and Gemima. I know tags might not be your thing though, girls, so no pressure!

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