Saturday, 17 October 2015

Booktober: Reading Slumps

It's somewhat apt that this post is going up late (if you follow my instagram or twitter then you'll know that I've been all over the country this week) considering its about a lack of motivation. 

I started Booktober because I was in a reading slump and I wanted to get out of it. The problem is, I started it thinking that the need to write a blog post about books every week would be enough to motivate me, rather than considering the actual reason behind my lack of desire to read. Blogging, it turns out, is not motivation enough, and I've been able to get by on reviews of books I've already read.

After a week of not reading, and not stressing out about not reading because I've been far too busy to think of anything other than the job in hand, I think I've finally cracked it. It all comes down to time (as usual) and how I like to read.

I'm not a picky reader. I don't enjoy sitting down, reading 10 pages, then standing up again. I don't like going for a couple of days without reading a book I'm enjoying. I don't really know how people can read like that, reading a book over the course of a month or more, bit by bit.

I'm an indulgent reader. I like to have time set aside to read, at least half an hour at a go. If I'm enjoying a book I like to run with it, read it in gulps rather than sips. 

The problem is this: with a full time job, a part time job, and a job hunt all going on I feel guilty each time I pick up a book because I know I'm going to 'waste' half an hour reading. Instead I play on my phone, or watch a YouTube video, or read a blog post. I'm still wasting that half hour, but because I'm doing bitty things it feels less like half an hour wasted.

This is always the problem I have when I'm in a reading slump. I don't view reading as procrastination, so I don't do it!

So, two weeks into October with less than one book read (although two started), I'm kicking it up a notch. I know as soon as I get into a book I'll be fine, so it's just a matter of picking up a book rather than my phone. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to have a 'read whenever' attitude. If I have ten minutes spare I'll read a chapter. On my lunch break at work I'll leave my phone in my bag.

I want to read at least 4 of the books I set out to by the end of the month. I've almost finished one and I'm halfway through another, so by mid week I should be back on track.

Wish me luck, and let me know if you have any tips to get out of a reading slump!


  1. I use Goodreads and I love it. It gets rid of my reading slumps as I set myself a target goal for the year and it let's me know my progress. It also suggests books to me based one ones it like and ive discovered some great ones there.
    If you have Goodreads then add me! :)

    Tea in the Tub

    1. Hi! Sorry I am awful at checking comments because I so rarely get them!

      I do have Goodreads - I love the book goal feature! X

  2. I'm doing booktober to get out of a reading slump as well! So far it's working for me. I usually read after I've done things, so last thing in the evening, but also finding other times is really useful - on the way to work, during your lunch etc will get you through it :)

    1. Hi! As I said above I am awful at checking comments!

      How did booktober go for you? Have you managed to keep it up during November?