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Review: Snow White and The Huntsman (SPOILERS, sort of)

SPOILERS although not really as it basically is the fairytale. BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Based on the traditional fairytale, this tells the story of a Princess named Snow White, whose evil stepmother attempts to cut out her heart in order to preserve her own beauty. This is a little different from the original, and although it features dwarves, it also features 'The Huntsman' played by Chris Hemsworth. This addition adds a different dimension to the original story (which I haven't read yet, but intend to, so correct me if I'm wrong on any level here).

Things I liked about the film:

1) The acting. I don't care what anyone else says, I ADORE Kristen Stewart and she does a stellar job in this movie. She doesn't have that many lines (despite being the leading lady), but the ones she does she performs in a surprisingly good (although not faultless) British accent. Most of her work is done through her trademark lip twitches, which I think are possibly the most emotive lip twitches in all of Hollywood. People do not give her enough credit. The rest of the cast are fabulous too, particularly Charlize Theron.

2) The portrayal of the love story. In many re-tellings of the story, Snow White is produced as a love story. Which is all well and good, but it also kind of misses the point - which is don't obsess over your looks, its much better to be beautiful on the inside (remember, Snow White, whilst physically attractive, is only a threat to the Queen because of her purity and innocence of mind). This film did this so well, and only used the love story when necessary. In the end it's all about Snow White's triumph, and whilst the love interest does get a look in it it only brief. There is no Disney-esque wedding.

3) The special effects. Wowza. That department were incredible. The transitions between young and old, the bit with the crows and the mud (if you've seen the film you'll know the bit I mean). Just outstanding. And the Troll!! Amazing! Ooooh and the hallucinations - really crazy good (also, the acting at this point is stunning).

Things I didn't like:

1) The Dwarves. Whilst I think the film should have them, I didn't really see why they had to digitally shrink taller actors. There are plenty of amazing short actors out there (Warwick Davis, to name but one) which weren't used. Whilst I love Toby Jones, Eddie Mason and Nick Frost, I think they could have used other actors to the same effect.

And that's pretty much it... Recommend this for sure.

I give this film 3.5 sunbeams. (By the way, this rating is out of five. Don't know if I've explained this before.)

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