Monday, 8 April 2013

You Know What They Say About Little Things...

So, almost every room in the house I share with my mum, dad and sister has the same light switch. It's one of those press-in ones with a dimmer switch. So every time I walk into my room (or any room) I just sort of hit my hand against it and the lights go on.

But that's not the case in my sisters room. Her room has a regular flick it on flick it off switch (albeit one that is very flush to the wall). But I forget about that. So every time I walk into her room, I just kind of smack the wall where the switch is. And the light never comes on. And every time I stand there looking confused.

And it just tickled me this morning for some reason...

(in case you don't know what they say about little things, it's that they please little minds)

Best Wishes


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