Monday, 5 August 2013

Review: The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of A Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson

I read this book back in June, and I know I've been promising a review since then, so here it finally is!! Sorry it's a little short, but it's one of those books that you can't really explore without spoiling it.

It's Tuesday May 2nd 2005 and Allan Karlsson is hours away from celebrating his 100th birthday when he steps out of his bedroom window and runs away. He makes his way to the nearest bus stop where he is asked by a young man to look after a rather large and rather heavy suitcase. When his bus arrives and the man has not returned, Allan steps on, suitcase and all, and sets off on an adventure. However, this is not the first adventure Allan has (somewhat accidentally) embarked upon during his 100 year time upon the earth. The story follows Allan in this newest adventure whilst recounting his previous ones and the elevctic people he's met over the years.

I picked this book up almost as much on a whim as Allan picks up his various adventures - that is to say when I saw it was only 20p on Kindle I thought 'This has been on Waterstones best seller shelves for a while, might as well give it a go!' and boy was it worth it!

Allan is an extremely endearing character. He is very matter of fact, polite and generally nice guy who enjoys a good vodka almost as much as he enjoys his sleep, and the friends he encounters on his adventures are equally likable, even with their somewhat dubious pasts. The adventures he goes on a wildly dramatic for such a sweet, quiet man and in a way he is very much like Forest Gump, if Forest Gump preferred a nap to a run.

I laughed a hell of a lot through this book at all the absurd situations that Allan and his friends find themselves in. I would love to go into detail about some of my favourite moments, but I wouldn't want to spoil them as what makes them so incredible is how unexpected they are. Entertaining, easy to read and wonderfully written, I would highly recommend this book. Five stars!

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