Monday, 16 February 2015

#reviewsdaytuesday: It by Alexa Chung

I first bought this book for one of my best friends, but whilst it was on my shelf I leafed through a number of the pages and decided to pick myself up a copy. 

Scrappy - that's the best way to describe this book. Meant to be read in several sittings, it reads like a diary/journal/agony aunt piece. Containing memories from Alexa's childhood as well as fashion advice it's like a sneak peek into her mind. I particularly enjoyed the photographs, many of which were never explained and added to the scrap book feel.

I love Alexa's fashion - she is effortlessly cool and both feminine and androgynous - but if you're not a big fan then I'd perhaps avoid this book as it doesn't really do it say much else. As a piece of art it's pretty cool. Below is my favourite picture from the book - and my current phone background.

I enjoyed reading this book. It doesn't feel like something that should be shelved, but rather left out ready to be poured over at any given moment as I'm sure I'll find something new each time - and that is a pretty special quality for a book to have!

It by Alexa Chung is published by Penguin (2014)

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