Friday, 1 May 2015

April Favourites!

I haven't done one of these before, mostly because I hardly ever try new products so my favourites is just 'stuff that I own'. This month, however, I've been trying to mix up the things I've been using/wearing and I've really noticed myself thinking 'wow, I really love this', so I thought I'd share them with you all.


Lush Jason and the Argon Oil Shampoo Bar - I got this as a Christmas present and I just love it. It smells amazing (if you like floral scents; it's very warm and rosey) and worked wonders on my hair. Sadly I used the last of it up the other day, but luckily I have the Jumping Juniper bar to replace it!

You can find it here.

Collection Nude Pallette - I've used this eyeshadow pallette almost everyday since I got it. I'm still not 100% on Collections cruelty free status (I can't find anything that explicitly says they are not cruelty free, but equally I can't find anything that says their parent company are...) but I'm giing them the benefit of the doubt until I am told otherwise!

e.l.f Jumbo Lipgloss Stick in Sangria Starters - Out of the three lip gloss sticks I got this is definitely my favourite. It looks like a light coverage lipstick on and really gives that 'your lips but better' effect - especially as it suits my skin tone perfectly!

I did a mini-review when I hauled this product.


River Island Boots - I'd been looking for a pair of black Chelsea boots all winter, so when I saw these in River Island I had to grab them. They are super comfortable and dress up any outfit - I love to wear them with my 'Mum' jeans.

These are literally my Mum's jeans from the 90's (pre-me!)

Miss Selfridge Mini Skirt - I got this skirt in the sale at Miss Selfridge. I love that it looks a bit like 70's curtains and the gold poppers make this for me!

I posted this OOTD on Instagram with the caption 'I feel like a librarian'.

Diamond Cut Chain - I got this (and matching bracelet from the off-cut) for my birthday and I love it. It's really hard to find a diamond cut chain nowadays (it's very 80's) and I was so chuffed when I opened the box to see that Mum and Dad had found it!

I also love this Topshop top, but I couldn't include everything!


Wheat and Oat Bran Porridge (with figs, prunes and almond butter) - I am a huge porridge fan, but this is my current favourite way to eat it. Almond butter might actually be the most delicious thing on the planet.

Dried figs and prunes aren't that expensive and really spice up porridge.
I use 2 figs and 4-6 prunes (depending how I feel).

Hotel Chocolat - Okay, so I really don't have the budget for this chocolate, but luckily my lovely neighbours bought me a box for my birthday! I never realised this but Hotel Chocolat are basically the Lush of the chocolate world - they are very ethical and support their famers, as well as being a British based company (despite the French name!) Plus, their chocolates are divine!!

Chipotle - I had my first ever Chipotle Burrito this month. It was a very special moment.


Cheese of the Month: Halloumi - What a cheese. Great for BBQ's, grilled on salads, fried with chorizo, it's just excellent.


Forest - The premise of this app is you set a certain amount of time that you want to focus (eutehr in social situation, studying, working) and you grow a tree. If you move off the app in that time your tree dies. Once your tree has grown, you get points (to buy more interesting trees, the more time you spend focused the more points you get) and you have the option to write a little summary of what you did in the time. At the end of the day you can see you forest! This app is really clever and definitely made me stay focused on my work. I don't like spending money on apps, but for me it was worth the 79p!

Quest - This is part to-do list, part game. You enter your to-do's as normal, and a little monster appears next to them. When you complete a job you kill the monster and gain xp. Every time you level up you get new equipment to wear. It's way more fun than a regular to-do list and definitely keeps me motivated - plus it's free!


KleverCase - I saw these phone cases whilst browsing through tumblr and I fell in love instantly. I hopped over to Etsy and grabbed one. I'm so impressed with it - it feels exactly like a cloth-bound book and the metal corners make me feel like my phone is going to be really safe. It was also delived within a week of me ordering it - which is great for Etsy! I couldn't take my phone out of my case to take a photo (it's really secure). If you click on the link above you'll be able to see all the cases they offer - I've gone for the Pride and Prejudice one as it's my favourite classic.

Tulips - I bought one of my very lovely friends a bunch for her birthday and it reminded me how much I love having fresh flowers around. They're expensive for something that doesn't really last very long, but I thought I'd treat myself to a bunch since I'm in my final week of uni!

Cactus - I've named him Clarence and he's sat next to my tea-caddy of tea-lights on my desk. He's a little lonely though, I need to get him a friend.

What have you been loving this month? Tweet me @VickiMaitland, leave a comment below, or tag me in your Instagram pics (@vickimaitland).

Tuesday's post will be a TBR! Today I officially finish my degree, which means I get to read for pleasure again!

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