Friday, 15 May 2015

The Happy Skin Tag

As you're reading this I'm just waking up to my final day in France! I've spent the past four days there visiting one of my closest friends, so there might be some kind of travel related post up on Tuesday. In the mean time, here's a quick little tag! Tanya Burr did this tag a few weeks ago and I thought it looked fun so I'm giving it a go.

1) How would you best describe your skin?

A little on the oily side, prone to blackheads but not to breakouts. I also have over reproductive skin cells on my cheeks, upper arms and occasionally on my thighs, which means I get little red bumps on my skin unless I scrub scrub scrub!

2) What are your main skincare concerns?

My T-zone is my main problem area for shine, so I try and counteract that whenever possible. Obviously I also have to watch out for the skin on my cheeks etc too.

3) What's the weirdest natural ingredient you've ever used in your skincare routine?

I wouldn't say this is part of my routine, but I tried out cinnamon and honey as an exfoliator the other day. It worked really well, and I've never heard of using cinnamon before!

4) How do you define happiness?

This is a bit of a loaded question after my Art of Emotion module this semester. For me, happiness is being comfortable in who you are, where you are, and who you're with.

5) Describe your skincare routine in five words.

Easy, exfoliating, speedy, cleansing, daily.

6) Top skincare tip.

Clean your face morning and night. Even if it's only with a warm, damp, flannel, it really makes a huge difference.

7) What makes you laugh every day?

My friends. They are always hilarious.

8) What steals your skin's natural radiance?

Lack of sleep/poor diet for sure. I really notice it if I have a couple of nights out!!

9) What are your top tips for healthy glowing skin?

Exfoliate in the evenings, especially in summer as it really makes a tan look even more beautiful. Keep hydrated and, most importantly, eat well!

10) What's your skin care 101?

Similar to the above but - keep hydrated, eat well, and get a good eight hours of kip a night! find a nice face mask that you can pamper yourself with once or twice a week, too, as it makes a real difference!

11) What is your happy place?

I love being surrounded by fields and nature, and anywhere my friends and family are!

I'm tagging anyone and everyone! If you do take part, tweet me a link to your post @VickiMaitland, tag me in your Instagrams (@vickimaitland) or leave a comment below!

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