Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Book Un-Haul

Moving back home meant moving all the books I had acquired at uni (whether for my course or for pleasure) back onto my already straining bookshelves. This meant I had to do the most difficult thing for a book lover to do and get rid of some of my books.

I reconciled myself with the thought that if I get rid of books I don't want to re-read then I can fill up my shelves with new books that I do want to read!

In total I've bagged up about 30 books and a handful of 'world book day' short stories.

These are books I loved as a teen and am donating to a family friend who is just about to turn 12. Hopefully she will love then as much as I did!

These are books that didn't live up to my expectations. None of them are awful, but I'm not going to re-read them any time soon.
This is my collection of books I had to read for university but I'm not going to read again. In the case of The Pilgrims Progress and Shamela it's because I didn't enjoy them at all the first time round. Swimming Home and The Heart Of The Country were books I appreciated but didn't enjoy. The Story of Art was a book my sister had to buy for her course, but they never used.

This is a collection of books I picked up thinking I'd read but they've sat on my shelf for years unlooked at. It's time for someone to enjoy them.

Finally, this is a miss-match of books I've grown out of or have more than one copy of (in the case of Jasper Fforde).
At first was really hard to sort these books out from books I want to keep, but once I got started it became really cathartic and I feel so much better for de-cluttering.

If there are any books here that take your fancy let me know - I would love to know that they are going to a good home (unfortunately I can't afford postage, but they would be free other than that!!)

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