Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cruelty Free Everyday Skincare Routine August 2015

It feels like it's been donkey's years since I've written skin care routine post, so I thought it was only right to post an update! I'm actually not 100% happy with my routine at the moment, and I'm looking to switch it up, so any suggestions for fabulous, affordable, cruelty free products would be much appreciated.

Morning: I have a full time job, so I'm up at 7am every morning. Not wanting to lose out on anymore sleep, I try to combine as many steps as possible. So, whilst my conditioner is soaking in, I use Superdrug's Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream Wash. If you've read this blog for a while you'll know I love peppermint scents, and this product contains peppermint oil. It's perfect for first thing as it really wakes me up and I love the exfoliation as I feel like it scrubs away the night's grime.

I always moisturise, and at the moment I'm using Superdrug's B. Ready Day Cream. I have mixed feelings about this day cream, as it's a little heavy for my skin, particularly at this time of year. If you know a lightweight cruelty free moisturiser leave a comment below or tweet me @VickiMaitland!

Evening: A few months ago I began using Coconut Oil as a make-up remover and cleanser. It also doubles up as a moisturiser, and I try to let it really soak into my skin by placing a hot cloth over my face for a few moments before wiping it away.

It's the best make-up remover I've ever used as it's super delicate and always manages to pull off all my eye make-up.

Because coconut oil is sometimes accused of clogging pores, I finish off by wiping over my face with Superdrug's Tea Tree Cleanser and Toner on a cotton pad. I really like this product, and it's amazing how much gunk and excess oil comes off my face! Because it's a two-in-one product, it gives me a double cleanse too.

I moisturise before bed too. I recently ran out of my Superdrug B. Nourished Night Serum and I need to pick a new one up. I find it doesn't last me very long, however, so if you've got a recommendation for a great night serum let me know! 

I'm definitely going to re-purchase the two Tea Tree products, but if you have any suggestions for me to switch out my coconut oil (either for a better quality oil or an oil based cleanser) and my moisturiser (I'm still looking for a cruelty free lightweight moisturiser which matches up to my old favourite: Olay Daily Fluid).

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