Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cruelty Free Autumn Make-up Look (2 ways)

I love both of these make-up looks - one lends itself to evening, the other to everyday. I've worn them both loads over the past month or so, and it's really easy to turn the everyday look into the evening one as they use almost all of the same products.

All the products I've used are cruelty free, with the exception of Collection products. Collection have an unclear cruelty free policy, and, whilst I consider them to be a cruelty free brand unless they are proven of animal testing, I know some people are dubious about their cruelty free stance so choose to avoid them.

Look 1 - English Rose - Everyday

I love how simple and plain this make-up look is. It's all about highlighting the cheeks, lips and lashes. The very lovely lady who served me in Topshop actually wrote down what lipstick I was wearing when I was shopping in this make-up!

This is the elf. Lip Gloss Stick in Sangria Starters.

This blush is brighter than I normally wear, but it's perfect for this rose look.
It's elf Cream Blush in Seductress.
I apply it with a brush as I find it gives a subtler wash of colour.

I use two mascara's for this look. I apply Better Than Sex on my top lashes, then cover with a coat of the elf Waterproof mascara. I use the elf mascara on my bottom lashes too.

This combination creates a really natural finish. I apply the B. Moisture Gel first, then I massage in Lush Colour Supplement whilst the moisturiser is soaking in.

I use the fourth colour in (Chocolate Mink) all over my lids. This is the Collection Nude palette.

Look 2 - Vamp - Evening

 This look is a lot more intense than the everyday look, but uses most of the same products. The focus of this look is the vampy lips and dark eyes. I emphasise my brows more in this look too.

I paired up these two lip-liners in order to create the vampy lip.
Bottom: elf Long Wear Lip Liner in Bitter.
Top: Barry M Lip Liner in 11 (Wine).

This is with Bitter just on it's own. It was brighter than I expected it to be, but with the lipstick on it looks lovely.
It also works really well with Sangria Starters over it.

I then shade in the corners and run faintly around the edges with Wine.

I top the whole lip with M&S Matte Mulberry. The moisturising element of this lipstick blends the lip balms together.
Using the same Collection palette I take the shade darker (Brown Sugar - second from right).

I use the darkest contour shade in the Barry M Chisel Cheeks palette to deepen the crease of my eye - taking the colour up onto my brow bone and far towards my nose.
I also lined my eyes with this elf Liquid Liner. However it also works well without the extra line!

These are all the products I used - with the exception of the eyeliner and the blusher.
 I used the same cream blush as before.
Let me know if you try either of those looks by leaving a comment below, tweeting me @VickiMaitland or tagging me on Instagram!


  1. I just realised you went to my school! I didn't recognise you at first :') I don't know if you remember me? I was in the year above you haha. I'm also cruelty-free x


    1. Wow! Small world! Good to know there's more cruelty free locals!