Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cruelty Free Hair Routine

I had my first professional hair cut in over three years a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've tried really hard to take care of my hair to keep the ends looking nice and the roots feeling healthy. However, if there is a choice between sleep and hair I normally choose sleep, so this routine is really manageable everyday and means I don't have to get up pre-seven am before work. Plus, my hair routine is now entirely cruelty free, which I am over the moon about!

First things first, depending on whether its a weekend or a weekday dictates which product I start off with. If it's a weekend, I use Lush Roots Hair Mask. I absolutely love this hair mask, and it is perfect for fine and thin hair like mine. I don't think it stimulates growth like it says it does, but it does leave my hair feeling soft and clean - and it smells of pepermint which I adore. I apply it to my scalp before I get in the shower by creating lots of partings in my hair, and then I spend around 15-20 minutes massaging it in. I sometimes will put this on before a run, so I can rinse it out when I get back in. I usually don't even bother using shampoo after, so I just rinse, condition, and carry on!

If it's a weekday, however, I simply do not have time to spend 20 minutes letting a hair mask sink in! I use Lush Rehab shampoo. I got it after trying a few samples when Lush were out of my favourite Jumping Juniper shampoo bar and I haven't looked back! This pot has lasted my a good two months so far, and as you can see I'm only just half way through. It lathers really easily, and smells divine (mint and rosemary, two of my absolute favourite smells). Most importantly, it leaves my hair feeling super clean all day.

Next up, conditioner! From my Cruelty Free Comparisons series, you'll know that conditioner is a big part of my life and this Dr Organics one is one of my favourites. You might remember my small Dr Organics haul from the start of blogmas - this was one of the two conditioners I bought! I would say I roughly get through one of these conditioners every month. I brush this through my hair in the shower and leave it to soak in for as long as possible before I rinse it out.

Out of the shower, I towel dry and lightly brush my hair. I then get a healthy dollop (about the size of a penny) of Lush R&B on my fingers and rub it through my hair - concentrating on the ends and lengths and mostly avoiding the roots and scalp. Although this product smells... interesting... it does a fantastic job of keeping my hair super soft. The last pot I had of this size (100g) lasted me from April to December, but I doubt this pot will last as long now that I use it every day religiously.

Finally, last but not least, I scrunch my hair with a palmful of Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Mousse. This is the first cruelty free mousse that I've actually really liked - in fact I prefer it to my old non-cf Shockwaves mousse! Apart from the price tag (£5.50) there's nothing bad I can say about this product. I stand with my head upside down and scrunch this all over. When I flip back upright I part my hair roughly so it's not all in front of my face and leave it be!

There you have it! My cruelty-free, no nonsense, hair routine!

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