Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cruelty Free Beauty Favourites - Winter 2016

Like most people, my skin changes wildly between winter and summer. I am such a summer child and my skin love that vitamin D. Not only do I generally have much clearer skin in the summer but the sun also appears to calm down my skin condition, too. In the winter it is a different story. Being sat in a office with the heating on all day really exacerbates the natural oiliness of my skin, so I find myself having to take lots of steps to counteract this. However, the cold air outside really dries me out, especially my lips and hands, so I'm constantly applying moisturiser to counteract this. This year I've bought a handful of new products to try and get me through this conflicting winter skin and I've been really enjoying them so far - so I thought I'd share them with you.

The first product that I've been loving is the Arbonne FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20. This is significantly more expensive than my usual moisturiser choices but it is also by far and away my favourite cruelty free moisturiser to date. It applies really nicely and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, without feeling greasy. My one issue with this moisturiser is that it claims to leave a matte appearance, which it certainly does not. I am yet to find an SPF product which is also matte and I just kind of wish that products like this would stop making this claim! Other than that, I love this product and will definitely be re-purchasing.

The second product is Superdrug's Clearly Youthful AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cream Cleanser. I became interested in this product range after seeing a post from Steph several months ago and this was one of the products I picked up. I use it at night, after my coconut oil cleanse, the remove any of the residual grease and makeup that might be on my face - and I have to say that I've really noticed a difference in my skin! When I first started using this product I was having a lot of issues with uneven skin on my forehead - this has practically gone away. I actually need to repurchase this, since I'm almost out, but it's got a big thumbs up from me! The only thing to note about this product is that it is an acid exfoliant, so you do need to use SPF after. 

I popped into Boots a couple of weeks ago and saw they had a sale on Soap and Glory skincare, so I thought I'd give them a try! The first product that caught my eye was this Total Drama Clean Magnetizing Miceller Make Up Remover. This comes in a huge pink bottle and it smells very sweet - almost too sickly for my liking but I know plenty of people would love this. I use this on days when I'm too lazy to use coconut oil, as well as when I've been travelling, and it does a fairly decent job. It's probably the best miceller water I've tried so far (I'm probably going to do a cruelty free comparison post about this soon) but it's by no means the miracle worker that I hear about from other, non-cruelty free products. 

The second Soap and Glory product I bought was their Scrub Your Nose In It Facial Scrub. I love the packaging of this - the tube is more like a toothpaste tube than a traditional plastic packaging, which makes it super easy to get every single bit of product out! I also much prefer the smell of this product - it's a lot fresher and cleaner than most other Soap and Glory stuff. It comes out in the same green which is on the packaging and it is a very finely gritty formula. This really makes it feel like its getting right into my pores - without feeling harsh on my skin. What's more, this grit is a diatomaceous earth mix, which means that it isn't going to be super nasty for the environment either! I use this scrub in the shower each morning. 

The final product that I picked up and have been really enjoying is this Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel with Active Charcoal Facial Mask. I've been looking for  new face mask for a while, so I thought I'd give this one a shot. I've only used it a handful of times, so I can't say for certain how amazing it is or isn't, but I've been liking the results so far. It's not as obviously oil-pulling as other masks that I've used but it defiantly leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother, which is always a bonus.

This has all bee very face focused, so I'd like to give a quick shout out to the other prodict which has been helping me through the winter. When my lovely Katie told me that Palmer's was cruelty free I was super happy, as they were a brand I had loved before but had assumed were not cruelty free. If I'd looked a little closer, I would have seen that it said 'Against Animal Testing' right there on the package! I've been loving their Intensive Relief Hand Cream and actually need to buy a new tube because I've almost completely ran out! I massage a big dollop of this into my hands (focusing on my cuticles) every night before bed, letting it full soak in through the night, so I wake up with ultra-soft hands. I'm actually going to get an extra tube of this to have in the office at work, too!

I'd also like to mention the LaVanila Healthy Deodorant. This is one of the most hyped products in the natural and cruelty free community, so when I went to New York I knew I had to pick it up. I really like it and have been getting on with it so far, although I think I might struggle in the summer when things get a little sweatier. I've got it in the Lavender Vanilla scent, which has a nice mix of herbal and sweet for me, but I think I might invest in the Sports Luxe version for the warmer/sweatier months!

What have been your cruelty free favourites so far this winter?

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