Thursday, 26 January 2017

Let's Talk: La La Land

This is a tentatively titled new series (yes another one) - Let's Talk! This series will basically consist of me getting passionate about something, so I hope you enjoy it! Today's topic is La La Land. I know. This film does not need more hype. But I did see it yesterday and it filled me with things I hadn't felt for a film (or book) for a long time.

Firstly, for those who don't know, La La Land stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as a struggling actress and jazz musician who fall in love in LA. It is told like a classic musical and is brimming with dance numbers.

However, what really shines in this film is the connection between Stone and Gosling. They are 100% perfect for one another and their deep love and respect really shines through. The moments when they share the screen are just the most magical and their love 'theme' which runs through the film is simply stunning.

What's more, for a musical this film really knew how to work with silence. The deathly quiet moments cut like a knife through the jazz soundtrack and I can see why this film has been nominated forever so many sound design awards. It is an expertly crafted piece of work.

I would happily pay to see La aka Land again, something I rarely feel after a cinematic experience, and I highly recommend going to see it - even if musicals aren't your thing. This is a film that will grab you by the heart from the moment it's two leads clap eyes on one another.

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