Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Keeping My Make-up Tidy

At uni, I’m pretty organised with my make-up, but at home things tend to get a little messier. I think its probably because at home I’ve got lots of surfaces to spread out over, so things quickly become a bit of a mess.

At uni, all my daily make-up goes in this box, which sits on the floor in front of my mirror. I’ve decided that since this works well for uni, why not try it out here too!

I start off by wiping out the box, as it’s collected some dust/hair/general make-up mess during its time at uni. The first thing I put in it is my foundations. It looks like I’ve got a lot, but I only ever really use the M&S Limited Collection one. The others are older and aren’t such a good match for my skin tone (especially the Maybelline one, which I got for prom 4 years(!) ago but is quite good as a contouring foundation). My loose powder sits on the bottom, as I very rarely use it in the summer.

Next I add in my eye-shadows. I’ve got quite a few palettes which I use regularly, and almost all of them were gifts. The only one I’ve bought for myself is the large ELF one which sits on the top. I’m planning on doing a review of all the ELF products I’ve bought, as I use them almost every day. My favourite collection of shadows sits underneath it – it’s an Estee Lauder set which came with a make-up box my mum got given a few years back. I’m desperate to find good duplicates for these shadows (in particular the ginger shade) as its not a cruelty free brand.

I use the lid of the box as an area for all my hair bits and bobs. I clamp all my hair ties together with a big hair grip to stop me from losing them. I also use a ramekin to collect all my Kirby grips/ bobby pins together. You can either buy ramekins, or I just recycled mine from a ready-made dessert that I bought. I’ve also got a small pot of black rubber hair ties, which are great for braided hairstyles.

As I cleaned up the side, I added the random loose tubs of make-up, including my ELF cream eyeliner. I’ve popped a travel make-up bag of lippies on the top of it all.

I’ve stored all my make-up brushes (as well as my mascara, liquid eyeliner and concealer) in a mug which my sister got me for my Birthday. My moisturisers, deodorant and hair mousse are sat on a little cut-glass tray which I got as a gift at least ten years ago! I’ve popped my jewellery boxes one on top of the other, and I’ve got my little travel make-up bag propped up against the wall, with a spare pair of tweezers and my travel make-up brushes.                                                   

Fingers crossed, everything will be kept nice and tidy from now on!

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