Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The One With The Lightning Storm...

Almost two weeks ago, my little corner of England was hit with a spate of small storms. In one such storm, there was a flash of light, followed by a power cut and the distinct smell of burning plastic coming from the BT modem. Thus, my family were plunged back into the early 90's - the world wide web a thing of the past, forced to rely on more traditional means of entertainment (my choice - the works of Patrick Ness (as per, reviews to follow)).

After multiple phone calls to BT (many of which were spent asking them to just send us out the box as we are perfectly capable of plugging something in), we finally have our internet back! Huzzah!

All of this is serving as an apology for the (almost) complete radio silence this blog has experienced over the past fortnight. I normally have at least a weeks worth of posts queued in advance, but, alas, the day the storm hit was also the day when I was going to copy and paste my posts from word document to blogger.

Normal service will resume, and you can expect my next official post up on Thursday morning!

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