Saturday, 6 September 2014

University #6 - New Term Resolutions

1) Do not sit in bed on laptop. Bed is for sleeping and fun reading only, any work based or screen based activity must take place out of bed.

2) Get outside every day. Whether its nipping to the shops, going for a jog, or simply cycling to uni, I must leave the house at least once a day, come rain or shine.

3) Exercise daily. Pilates, jogging or swimming. I have a sedentary degree, but will not lead a sedentary life.

4) Eat well and often. Three good meals a day, plus healthy snacks.

5) Drink often. Water, herbal tea, keep up body fluids.

6) Work 9-5 or as close to as possible. This will mean spending more time in the library and less time scrolling through the depths of the internet.

7) Complete all reading well in advance. None of this last-minute-night-before nonsense.

8) Start essays early. As soon as they are set, pick questions and begin research.

9) Use tutors office hours. They are there for a reason!

10) Be kind to myself, but exercise willpower. Know when to say no and when to take a break, but don’t be weak. Use cat rules when unsure of what to do.

11) Keep my space clean. Don’t let my bedroom get grotty. Wash sheets and towels fortnightly, hoover weekly, and put things away. Open window daily, be unafraid to use heating, invest in fairy lights, and put up more pictures.

12) Plan and organise. Buy diary and use it.

13) Write more. Keep daily journal. Be unafraid of writing my feelings. Confront things. Keep observational journal and carry it with me at all times.

14) Read for fun rather than internet mindlessly. Spend time away from the laptop screen when possible.

15) Go out spontaneously. Whether for a coffee, shopping or to a club.

16) BUDGET. Keep track of cash flow. Set maximum spending goals and don’t exceed them.

17) Join more societies. Meet new people, engage in new activities.

18) Sit up straight. Maintain a good posture whilst studying. No more slouching at the laptop.

19) Ask for hugs and massages. We all need them from time to time, and we’re all willing to give them.

20) Be proud of what I produce, and be unafraid of speaking up. I believe in myself and my opinions.

Obviously these are personal rules, but feel free to pick and choose whichever ones you’d like if you want some structure to your term. Have you got any rules for the coming term? Let me know them either by leaving a comment or tweeting me @VickiMaitland.

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