Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween 2014

Although I hate horror films, can't stand gore, and not very good with jump scares, I love Halloween. There is something about this time of year, when its starting to turn colder, the leaves falling off the trees, which is just a little magical - and its all summed up in Halloween.

For my university's newspaper I wrote up a couple of my favourite Halloween recipes - because what would Halloween be without pumpkin soup and stuffed jacket potatoes! The flavours of Autumn are really summed up in these dishes for me - sweet and smokey and delicious. I also love being able to walk into a coffee shop and pick up a huge chai latte - somehow it tastes better in the Autumn.

Never one to miss an opportunity to dress up, this year I went as Mona the Vampire! (I had a Halloween party a few days ago, and am going as her again to the party I've got tonight).

I made the cape myself and had so much fun playing with the makeup. You can't really tell in the photo, but I have a mountain of blush on my cheeks to make them super pink and rosy! 

Its a strange thing to say, but everything is feeling very festive at the moment: I think it's something to do with the hour change making the evenings so dark. It all feels very Christmas-y, warm and cozy and loved.

This has been a bit of an odd post, so sorry about that, but I just wanted to document a small section of my life - a moment of silliness and frivolity hidden away within the stress of deadlines and final year stuff!

All that's left to say is Happy Halloween!

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