Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Make-up Haul #2

I was starting to run out of a couple of things, so I caved to my needs and bought a couple of bits and bobs. Most of these are just re-buys because I ran out, but there are a couple of new bits too. Sorry for the awful picture quality, I'm back to using my webcam in my badly lit uni room!

Anti-Clockwise from top.

1) E.L.F Lengthening and Volumising Mascara (Waterproof) in Black (£3.95) I had this product in the non-waterproof version and its just starting to run out, so I thought I'd get the waterproof one in time for winter. 
2) E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner in Black (£1.95) This is a re-purchase. Its a decent product for the price and my old one has started to crack and dry out after being carted around all summer at festivals.
3) E.L.F Pressed Powder in Sand (£3.95) This is a shade lighter than the one I got before so hopefully it will see me through the winter months when my skin is less tanned.
4) E.L.F Pressed Powder in Buff (£3.95) This is another re-purchase as I really like the finish it gives.
5) Hema Longer Lasting Lipstick in 05 (£4.25) This is my first new buy. I got it on recommendation from Sanne (@booksandquills) as I was desperate for a long lasting red lippy. I've tried it out today and so far it's doing a stellar job.
6) Hema Longer Lasting Lipstick in 06 (£4.25) I also bought the shade darker because I was worried that the 05 might have slightly too orange tones in it. Shipping was £4, so it made sense in my mind to get the extra or else I would have been paying £8 for one lippy, rather than £6 each for the two. 

With the Hema products I also got a couple of stroopwafels (Dutch Waffles), so that was a really nice surprise when I opened it! Still don't think it quite justified the amount of packing for the product size though!!

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