Friday, 24 October 2014

What's In My Bag (October 2014)

They say its not polite to look in a ladies handbag, but I thought I'd give you a sneak preview into mine!

Here you can see what I carry around with me on a day to day basis. My bag is tiny, so if ever I never a bigger one I normally just pop the whole thing inside the larger bag and carry on from there.

Clockwise from the top left:

Radley Purse - It's just big enough to fit my cards and a bit of cash in. It was a gift from my aunt for my 16th and I love it.

Slim Panty Liner - Even though I don't use these, its always useful to have one, just in case.

Small Plaster - I take this bag on nights out and its never nice dancing on a blister

Tampon - Again just in case I start my flow earlier than I expect.

Medium and Large Plaster - Pretty self explanatory.

Handbag - It is super tiny and great for nights out. I got it from my local market.

Compact - I have always wanted one and this one is super cute. It's from Lisa Angel.

Hema Lipstick - In the shade 06, my current favourite. It hardly ever needs reapplying, but I carry it just in case.

Pencil and Diary - Now that it's third year I need a diary to keep myself in order.

Paracetamol - I suffer from stress headaches quite a lot so I always carry a couple of these with me. I round off the edges so I don't slice my hand open though!

Phone - I'm currently looking for a replacement as this one is getting on for three years old and is starting to wear out a tad! It isn't a smart phone either, so I have very limited internet access on it.

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