Tuesday, 17 March 2015

#reviewsdaytuesday: Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish

I'm a huge fan of Barry M and have always had a few of their nail polishes kicking around my collection. However, whilst their colour selection is the best out of any in the drugstore, the consistency and wear of the polish has always left something to be desired.

With these Speedy Dry polishes Barry M have stepped it up a notch, and might have actually produced my favourite polishes of all time.

I apologise for the awful state of the skin around my nails. I bite it when I'm stressed, which is all the time at uni!

First off, the colour selection. I love the pastels (or 'muted neons' as Essie would say) and they are perfect for spring/summer.

The consistency. Barry M often has a very thick consistency. This means they are somewhat difficult to apply, as well as meaning that they dry on top and form a crust rather than drying all the way through (making it very easy to dent and chip). These Speedy Dry polishes are slightly looser, so whilst you might need a couple of layers to get the same colour hit, the overall effect is that they last so much longer.

This is the shade on my ring finger - Pit Stop
The brush. This was the biggest surprise for me - they use a flat, tapered brush with rounded edges! Normally you only find this kind of brush in slightly higher end polishes (Sally Hansen or UR CHEEKY both use them), and it makes a huge difference in application. I'm one of those people who smear polish all over my finger tip when I apply it, and have to chip is off in the shower afterwards. With these brushes you can get near perfect application first time!

It dries quickly. My biggest bug bear with Barry M polishes is that they take forever to dry. This polish does what it says on the tin. Although it's not a quick drying as other quick drying polishes (I'm thinking specifically of Rimmel's 60 Seconds collection), it only takes about 5 minutes, which is great for Barry M.

The wear. I've only had this polish on for 24 hours, but already I've noticed how much better it's lasting than other Barry M polishes I've tried. For me, I'm lucky if a Barry M polish lasts the night without chipping, so this is a huge improvement.

This is the shade on the majority of my fingers - The Last Lap
Overall I'm a huge fan, and with an offer on in Superdrug at the moment (2 polishes for £6) I'm going to excercise a lot of self restraint not to buy the whole collection. As a bonus, I'm also a huge Grand Prix fan, so I love the motor sport themed names and chequered flag design!

Barry M is a cruelty free brand.

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