Friday, 27 March 2015

Top Non-Beauty Beauty Essentials

1) Cotton Buds/Q-Tips. These things are great for removing little bits of makeup when you go wrong/sneeze and cover your face in mascara (it's happened to the best of us).

2) Cotton Pads. Again great for removing make-up.

3) SudoCream. This is an antiseptic cream. It's sold on the baby aisle as a nappy rash cream, but it's great for cuts, burns and acne! (This is the only product not pictured as it was in my sisters room when I took the picture - sorry!)

4) Baby Shampoo. I use this as a cheap alternative to brush cleaner. It's super sensitive and contains no dodgy parabens etc so it's safe for your skin. Mine currently isn't cruelty free, but I'm sure you can get one from Superdrug which is.

5) Bongella. This technically isn't a beauty item, but I always ahve a tube of it around the house. It's great for mouth sores (a savoir for brace-days) or ulcers when you have a cold.

6) Tweezers. A decent pair is a must have, especially for us blessed with thick eyebrows.

7) Emery Board. If I get a snag on my nail I pick at it and normally end up making it so much worse and painful. Emery boards are a real life saver in these situations, and I always try to have one on me.

I've probably forgotten loads, but these are definitely my top items, and I can't go long without any of them!

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