Tuesday, 3 March 2015

#reviewsdaytuesday: Lush Aromaco Deodorant

I've used a number of deodorants in my time; Dove and Vaseline have been my go-to for the past couple of years and I've been pretty happy with them. However, neither of those brands are cruelty free, Dove has very questionable ethics, and I've heard some bad things about deodorant products with built in antiperspirant. I initially began looking for a deodorant which was simply that - no antiperspirant included. I'm not someone who is fresh as a daisy all of the time, but I certainly don't sweat like a pig either, so I figured I could get away with just using a deodoriser. I'd  never found antiperspirant to be particularly effective and as part of my research, I also found out that antiperspirant can often cause the sweat patches and stains it claims to prevent.

Since transforming by beauty regime into something that is cruelty free, I began looking into cruelty free deodorants too. Obviously the first place I turned to was Lush.

I looked up all their deodorising products online, and decided I liked the sound of Aromaco. Not only does it claim to neautralise any sweaty smells, but it also contains witch hazel, which naturally tightens pores so actually reduces sweating anyway.

It's a bit pricier than your traditional deodorant (about £5 for a 100g block) but I think it's been totally worth it. I've had it for about two months, and I'd estimate that I've used 15g. So far I've been really happy with it. It hasn't irritated my skin, I've not felt any sweatier than I used to with standard deodorant, although the first few days whilst my skin adjusted I did feel the need to re-apply it a couple of times a day.

There are a couple of downsides however.

The smell isn't great. It's not unappealing but it is strong, and I've taken to wearing perfumes to neutralise that. For the first few days that I used it, it was really obtrusive and it stank out my bedroom too. The smell did mellow over time, though, and I keep it in a plastic zip-lock bag.

It's not the easiest thing to apply - mostly because it gets over your hands, particularly the smaller the product gets. I hold it in its packaging to try and stop that from happening. You do also need to be in a warm enough environment (or at least have warm enough skin) to get it to melt nicely.

Overall, I'm really happy with it. When I runs out, I'm probably going to try T'eo (the other Lush stick deodorant), as I prefer the smell. I was put off from buying it first time around because of the lack of witch hazel and the fact it felt a lot grainier than the creamy Aromaco bar, but I think the smell pay-off might be worth it.

Lush Aromaco Deodorant is cruelty free and vegan.

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