Friday, 19 June 2015

Fifteen Favourite Feelings Tag

Ever since Hank Green posted this video a few weeks ago I've  been struck with it. It's such a simple idea, but when I sat down to think about what to write I was surprised about how difficult I found it! Thinking of things you're happy about or are grateful for can be hard enough, but thinking about fifteen favourite feelings, sensations, and emotions is even more tricky. So, after a lot of thought, here are mine. They may not be universal, but they are special to me.

1) When you know you are about to share your first kiss with someone. I don't mean when you're about to have your first ever kiss, but rather when you're at your door at the end of a date and you look at the other person and both of you just know you're about to kiss. It's a very special connection to share. 

2) A sip of cool fresh water on a hot day. Somehow water tastes so much sweeter when the weather is warm and your mouth is dry. 

3) The moment just after the big drop on a rollercoaster, when you've lost the swooping feeling and are riding on a mix of adrenaline and relief.

4) The Christmas feeling - when you're warm and a little bit tipsy and are surrounded by family members opening presents, as well as a little left o Dr childhood excitement.

5) The stinging in your nose you get just before you're about to cry at axiom of book.

6) Waking up to bright sunshine.

7) The moments after you've finished a run, and your lungs are burning and your legs are weak, but you did it. Similarly, finishing something difficult.

8) Being told you're good at something that you love to do and feeling a little ball of self-pride build up inside you.

9) The smell of freshly harvested wheat that signals a hot summer day.

10) Laughing with friends over something silly until your ribs hurt and tears are running from your face.

11) The moment as you take the first bite of a delicious food and the flavour is developing in your mouth. 

12) Being hugged by my mum - it cures everything and if done when emotional will almost always induce tears.

13) A feeling I can no longer experience, when my cat would curl up on my lap as I read and purr till his whole body shuddered.

14) The moment when you realise just how much time has passed when you've been absorbed in a really good book. 

15) Seeing good friends for the first time in months and slipping right back in.

Now I can't stop smiling! Have a think about some of your favourite feelings and if you'd like, leave one in a comment, a tweet, or tag me in an Instagram pic - I'm @vickimaitland everywhere!

I'm tagging everyone to have a go at this, but I'd really like to read a response from my wifey -

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