Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas 14: Beauty: Mission Skin

Recently I've started a mission - a mission to get my skin in better condition. I'm quite lucky when it comes to skin. I only suffer from the occasional spot, and although I have a condition which means my skin cells over-reproduce it only really results in rosy cheeks. However, my skin is pretty greasy, and I do suffer a bit from blackheads - a result of never washing my face until my late teens.

So, this winter, I've decided to sort it out. Not only am I going to try to drink a lot more water, but I'm also going to treat my face better - especially as my skin tends to get worse in the harsh weather and centrally heated rooms. Here are the products I've been using so far:

B. Exfoliating Cleanser - I use this product daily. I'm doing a review of it at the end of the month, so you can check that out then.

B. Night Serum - I use this product every night and it works a treat - my skin has never felt so hydrated. Again, review will be up at the end of the month.

Olay Daily Fluid with SPF 15 - I've used this product for years, although I'm looking to swap it out for the B. version when this bottle runs out. It soaks into the skin really nicely.

Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser -  Again, another daily product. I use it after I've removed my eye-make to break down any of my face products.

Simple Kind To Eyes Make-up Remover - This is by far the best eye make-up remover I've ever used. It's going to take something special to get me off this,

Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Nose Strips - I've never used nose striops before, but I thought I'd give them a go. I really like these ones, although I think they are quite expensive for the amount of strips you get (5 strips for £4.30), especially considering you're meant to use two strips a week. Luckily for me they were on a two for £4, meaning that two boxes were cheaper than one, so I bought a couple. I've been using them as directed, and have had varied results. Definitely make sure you have a damp nose when applying these, and don't drink or eat anything steamy as it removes all the stick and renders them useless.

Superdrug Detoxifying Deep Sea Mud Mask - I've been using this product sporadically over the past year and I love how you can visibly see the oil being pulled from your pores (which is a bit disgusting, I know!).

Superdrug Purifying Witch Hazel Mud Mask - I picked this up the other day becasue witch hazel is meant to be great for reducing your pore sizes. This is another mask where you can see the oil being soaked up, but to a lesser extent.

Superdrug Refreshing Cucumber Peel-off Mask - I've used this mask the most out of the three so far because its so much fun to peel off! It does leave my skin feeling refreshed too.

I try and rotate these three masks each evening (although, like I said, I have preferenced the cucumber mask).

B. Glycolic Cleansing Peel - I tend to use this on the mornings when I haven't managed to do a face mask the evening before as it only needs to be on for three minutes so I pop it on just before I get in the shower. Again, as with all my B. skincare products there will be a review up at the end of the month.

I might post an update in a month or so to let you know how I get on. If you use any of the products I've mentioned let me know how you find them - or give me your suggestions for other things I can try!

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