Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas 7: Beauty: My Beauty Rules

As promised, ever Sunday will be a beauty post. Today, I thought I'd share with you my top beauty rules. These are things I practice every day I wear make-up, so are completely personal to me.

1) Blend. Blend everything. You can apply your make-up terribly, but with a little bit (or a lot) of blending it can always end up looking really professional and flawless. When it comes to foundation always blend it down onto your neck. If you apply too much blush you can blend it out with your powder brush. I always keep a 'clean' brush for blending out eyeshaddow - never use the one you've used to apply your darkest colour as that'll just put more product on. I even blend out my eyebrows by using a spooly brush to re-distribute the product!

2) Hydrate. Water is the most important part of any beauty routine. It keeps your skin and hair in really good check, as well as keeping your concentration levels up throughout the day.

3) Wash your hands. Always, always, always wash your hands before you put them on your face - whether that's to apply make-up or take it off. Your hands ave so much grime on them, and you don't want that to be transferred directly onto your face.

4) Lip liner. I never used to use lip liner, but as I've been wearing bright red lipstick more regularly I thought I would pick one up and see if it made a difference. And it does! Not only does it make it about ten times easier to apply the lipstick, but it also makes your lipstick last so much longer. I found it also makes my lips look bigger as it gives me a clear line outside of my lips. Before lip liner, I would line my lips using a lipstick brush and the lipstick itself, but a proper lip liner is so much better. I can't imagine applying a bold lipstick without it now!

5) Fill your brows. It makes so much difference to the shape of your face to have well defined brows - and thick brows are very in at the moment. I have quite dark brows, but they have areas of patchiness so it can look like I have shaved stripes in my brow at the arch. I also don't have that much of an arch - my brows are very flat - so I like to fill them to give them a little more definition of shape. When I started plucking my brows it was in fashion to have a very rounded inner brow (ie, the bits towards the middle of your face) so I plucked my brows quite far back to find the place where the hairs naturally curve outwards. Now it's much more in fashion to have brows which are closer together and more squared off (what I would call a more natural look) so I try to achieve this by filling my brows. I'd really like to try and grow out my inner brow again, but after almost a decade of plucking I'm not sure how successful that would be!

Those are my top five beauty rules. What are yours? Tweet me @VickiMaitland or leave a comment below!

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