Tuesday, 16 December 2014

#reviewsdaytuesday: B. Cosmetics Products

I thought I'd review the B. Cosmetics products I've tried. In two weeks time there will be a review of their skincare products too!

B. is a cruelty free brand certified by the flying bunny logo and is available exclusively to Superdrug.

Under Eye Concealer. When I first got this concealer, I was really happy with it. I'd never used a concealer before, it applied really well and gave a natural look. As soon as it ran out I re-purchased it. When my second pen ran out, I started to get a little... miffed. I don't know if they changed the formula between the first and second purchase, but it seemed to run out super quickly, as well as giving less coverage than the first time around. I have re-purchased it - somewhat begrudgingly - as it is really affordable and was on a three for two with other products I wanted - and this third batch seems to have a slightly thicker consistency again. I'm hoping the middle pen was part of a bad batch or something. I'd really like to try some other concealers - particularly ones with a wand as they seem to give the best coverage - so if you have any affordable cruelty free suggestions let me know!

Eyebrow Kit. This product has an eyebrow pencil on one end, a wax on the other and a brush. I have been really happy with this purchase. Although I think the shade is still a little too red for my brows (I have Dark Brown), this product applies really well. I really like the wax on the other end of the pencil too as it does a very natural job of holding my hairs in place. The brush on the end is a bit useless - although that might be personal preference. I use a spooly brush instead. I'd like to try some other eyebrow products, but I wouldn't be upset if I had to re-purchase this product.

Vibrant Eye Shimmer. This is essentially a cream eye shadow and I love it. I've got it in 097 Golden Sand. It applies really nicely either with a brush or with your fingers, and despite the fact its so creamy it's pretty long lasting. Very happy with this product and I really need to expand my collection. I'll probably be wearing this all through the holiday season - my festive make-up look will be up next week!

Nail Polish Base. I am so awful at doing my nails. I love it when other people have painted nails but I never get around to doing it myself - mostly because it always chips off so quickly. Superdrug had a 3 for 2 make-up sale (as they often do) so I decided to pick up this base coat as part of the set. I do think it keeps my polish on for longer, and I actually think it makes my nails healthier too (although that could be because I've started taking Biotin and Sea Kelp - both of which promote hair and nail growth). Since it is basically just a clear nail polish, I use it as a top coat too.

Illuminating Primer. I picked this up on a whim when I saw it was half price and I am so happy I did. I've never used a primer before, so I can't compare, but I am pretty sure that it makes my make-up stay a little longer so it does its job! The best thing about this product is its illuminating qualities: it really makes it look like my skin is glowing from the inside out, even through powdery make-up. Glowing, not greasy. It is a bit expensive, so I'll only re-purchase this if it goes on half-price again, but as you only need a pea-sized amount it should be a while before I have to re-buy!

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