Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogmas 18: End of Term Review

At the start of the term, I wrote my New Term Resolutions. Now that term is over, let's see how well I did!

1) Do not sit in bed on laptop. Well, for the most part I think I've done this. I have definitely slipped up a couple of times...

2) Get outside every day. Again, I think I've done pretty well at this - especially in the last month of term when I was in the library almost every single day.

3) Exercise daily. Oops. I have not done this at all! Aside from cycling onto campus and occasionally to work, I've done very little actual exercise. Hopefully this will change in the new year!

4) Eat well and often. I've definitely done this. My diet has been mostly vegetarian - very vegetable heavy! I've treated myself to cups of hot chocolate and chai lattes, but other than that I've eaten pretty well.

5) Drink often. Again, I've done this for sure! Herbal tea is a huge part of my diet, and when I go on campus I always take a big bottle of water.

6) Work 9-5. I haven't done this all semester, but when the work load stepped up I have definitely been packing in the hours at the library.

7) Complete all reading well in advance. Again, I've pretty much done this too! A couple of times I've had to quickly read the day before, but nothing too last minute.

8) Start essays early. This hasn't been too much of a problem because of my module structure this semester, Next semester I think it'll be more of an issue, so this one is definitely being carried over to next year!

9) Use tutors office hours. Again, because of my modules this hasn't been a problem, and tutorials have been part of my assessment.

10) Be kind to myself, but exercise willpower. This one I'm a bit unsure of. I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to work, so I could probably do better on that front. However, I've done better about not kicking myself when I think I've had a lazy day.

11) Keep my space clean. This one has yo-yo-ed a bit, but for the most part I've had a tidy room. As soon as I started thinking about it as self care and not tidying, its been a lot cleaner.

12) Plan and organise. I've done pretty well with this? I think? My diary keeping has got worse towards the end of term, but on the whole it's been pretty good.

13) Write more. I have written more but not in the way I expected. I'd like to try keeping a diary again, so this is another one to roll over to next year.

14) Read for fun rather than internet mindlessly. I've done this a bit, but not as much as I'd like to. The internet is just so distracting! Another roll over resolution!

15) Go out spontaneously. I have definitely done this! I think the fact that I've been more on top of my workload has really helped me feel freer to go out.

16) BUDGET. I was great at doing this at the start of term, not so much as it went on. I treat myself to clothes and makeup way too much, which combats my otherwise minimal spending.

17) Join more societies. I haven't done this. I've got more involved with FemSoc, but I've hardly been to Creative Writing, and I haven't joined anything new. It's more difficult than I realised to fit everything in. I would like to try out other things, though, so might try a few more in the new year.

18) Sit up straight. Oops. Had to sit up just now. Something to keep working on, I think...

19) Ask for hugs and massages. I haven't done this - and its something I still really need to do!

20) Be proud of what I produce, and be unafraid of speaking up. For the first time I've been sharing my blog posts on facebook, which was actually a pretty big thing for me! Something to keep working on though.

And that is it. Overall I think I've done okay, although there are for sure some things I really need to improve. Have you got any resolutions for the New Year? Tweet me @VickiMaitland or leave a comment!

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