Tuesday, 27 January 2015

On Roller Coasters

In the immortal words of Mr Ronan Keeting - life is a roller coaster, you've just got to ride it. This is exactly how life, and in particular student life, has been for me over the past three weeks since term started. 

Week one of term I went out 4/7 nights, week two I had three birthdays and a couple of other parties and now, at the start of week three I'm stressing out over all the reading I've got to do. I like to think I'm pretty good at time management, and there's no way I could have started the reading any earlier than I did, but it's still bugging me. I'm currenty typing this post from the library, on my phone, with my work in front of me.

I love my degree, and, although I'm fed up with the academic system, I'm not quite done with learning yet. So I'm accepting that some weeks I'll have nothing but fun and others I'll have nothing but stress, in the hopes that it'll all balance out in the end (and will hopefully delay life for a smidge longer).

To close, I'm going to (poorly) quote from John Green: a roller coaster that only goes up isn't very fun. We often look at life as a series of peaks and troughs, but at the end of the day I'd much prefer a middling roller coaster than one that only. Ranked slowly up, or one the was perpetutLly rushing down. I'll see you on Friday, by which point I hope my upwards coaster will have leveled out, and you'll get a better quality blog post.

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