Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Spring Empties 2016

Since my bag of empties was getting fit to burst I thought it was high time to show you all the products I've been using over the past three months. 

Confession time: there is one product in this list that isn't cruelty free - Bioderma Miscellar Water. I bought it whilst I was in South Africa when I desperately needed something that would remove my eye makeup without burning my eyelids and I had very limited options! I haven't got on with this product at all, either, so I definitely will not be recommending it on any counts!

Hair Care Empties:

As usual this is my biggest category. I've used and reviewed these products many times before, but an honourable mention goes out to Lush Rehab Shampoo - mostly for its blissful scent! Simultaneously fruity, minty, and herbal - if I could smell like this all day I would!

Face and Body Empties:

Once again I've spoken about most of these before, but I will reiterate my love for the Superdrug Tea Tree range and I have repurchased both of these products already!

Are there any cruelty free products you think I should try? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter - I'm @VickiMaitland everywhere!


  1. What where your thoughts on the Dr Organic conditioner? I've been thinking of giving it a go :)

    1. I really like it! They have lots of different varieties based on your hair type or scent preferences so I think it's a great brand to try out and experiment with. My favourite by far is the Virgin Coconut Oil conditioner as I find it super nourishing, but the Manuka Honey is coming in as a strong second out of the three I've tried! I will say that I prefer the thickness of the Avalon Organics offering though - I wish the two could combine and they'd make my perfect cruelty free conditioner 💁🏻 If you do get round to trying it let me know what you think - especially if you pick a mix other than the two I've already mentioned as I'm running out of my current pot as I type!