Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Beauty: Evening Make-Up

This evening I'm attending my Uncle's 50th Birthday Party - it's at a pretty posh venue so I've gone all out with make-up, and I thought I'd bring you along for the ride.

 1) First things first, I've prepped my face using my everyday skin care routine. The foundation I'm using is Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection in the shade Nude. Like all M&S make up it's cruelty free. It gives a really good coverage, if perhaps slightly too light for my skin tone. I apply in it strokes across my face and then blend it in with my fingers.

2) Next I apply my B. Under Eye Concealer. Again I just dab it under my eyes and  blend it in with my fingers.

 3) To make sure everything looks nice and even I take a large brush and blend everything together.

4) I then take my Eyes. Lips. Face Pressed Powder in the shade Buff. This is a shade too dark for my skin, so I use it to contour my skin slightly. I take this and brush it through the hollows of my cheeks, between my brow and hair line, and along the top of my hair line (basically the edges of the face and the cheeks). I also take this down my neck, as I don't want a orange face and white neck.

 5) On my T-zone and across my cheek bones I apply my Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection Loose Powder. This is a translucent powder, but I find it makes my skin a little lighter, so it acts almost like a highlighter (without being reflective).
 6) Now onto the details! I'm using a No.7 Fashionline Kohl Pencil in the shade Bittersweet Brown. This isn't my usual brow pencil - but its a much finer tip and a much purer brown so I thought I'd give it a go.
 7) I take my spooly brush and blend that through my brows.
 8) I've borrowed my sisters MUA palette (Heaven and Earth) for the highlighter on my eyes.
 I apply this bright colour into the inside corners of my eyes, taking it up onto the lid and just under the bottom lashes.
 9) Now I'm using my E.L.F  palette for the rest of my eye make-up.
 10) I take a mid range shade and apply that all over my lid. Its a light yellow-grey.

11) Now I take a dark grey. I apply this to the crevice of my eye and in the outer corners.

12) For eyeliner I'm using a black E.L.F Cream Eyeliner. I apply this all over my tightline and waterline, as well as in the outer corners of mu upper and lower lid. I smudge the edges to give them a smokier look.

 13) I forgot to show curling my lashes! But I do that, and now I'm taking my E.L.F Mascara, and I apply this all over my top and bottom lashes.
14) Finally I use a Marks and Spencer Limited Collection Blusher in the shade Cinnamon. This was a last minute thought after I stepped out into a different light to give my face a nice glow.

Here's the finished look! I've also added some B. Lipstick in Watermelon. I'm not sure if this is the lip colour I'll be wearing for the evening, but it added a nice pop of colour to the picture.

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