Tuesday, 4 October 2016

CAFIN Clothing #ootd

I first heard of the brand CAFIN when they started following me on Instagram. They would like the odd post and it made sure that their name stayed in the front of my mind. Eventually I got curious, checked out their website, and really liked what I saw.

CAFIN - or Catching a Fish in Norway - are an ethical streetwear brand. This means that they manufacture clothing in a fair trade and carbon neutral manner, with a certain percentage of their profits going towards supporting emerging artists. All of these are things I can really get behind, and for more information about the work the brand does - as well as to buy the clothes - you can check out their website.

After a couple of months of dillydallying for no good reason, I took the plunge and ordered a couple of items from their collection. The first was one of their long sleeved white t-shirts and the second a black sweatshirt. Both of them feature the classic CAFIN fish print. I placed the order on a Saturday and the clothes came the following Thursday, which I thought was a pretty good delivery time!

I tried on the t-shirt first. This came up slightly longer than I was expecting it to, although considering it is a unisex fit I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I love the relaxed fit, though, and the material feels really good quality. I've decided to wear it with the sleeves slightly rolled up, although in the winter the longer sleeve length will be perfect! It is a true white tee, so ignore the blue tint in the photos - that's just the result of the lighting!

Next I pulled on the sweater. If the tee was longer length than I was expecting then the sweatshirt was perfect! Its really soft on the inside and again the material feels like it's good quality. The cuffs are fairly tightly elasticated, so if you have chunkier wrists it might feel a little tight for the first couple of wears.

I'm really looking forward to wearing these in the coming months. Although they are not technically office clothing, I reckon I could get away with it since I currently work in the fishing tackle business!

I couldn't help but take a few shots in my new Watsky hat. I went to see him when he performed last week in London and it was hands down one of the best gigs I've been to. The energy in the room was outstanding and his stage prescience worked perfectly for the venue. I love this beanie, too, especially it's cute light bulb design.

If you like what you've seen definitely go and check out CAFIN!

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