Thursday, 20 October 2016

Cruelty Free Own Brand Spotlight: Superdrug

One of the biggest things I hear when I tell people that I only buy cruelty free hair, beauty, and skin care products is 'Isn't that expensive?' I think it is because most people associate cruelty free with Lush. This simply isn't the case and, although Lush is a great cruelty free brand, it certainly isn't the only cruelty free brand out there. In fact, if you're not part of the cruelty free community, you'll probably be surprised about how many own brands are cruelty free.

I got the inspiration for this series from my friend Sally (thanks!) and today I thought I'd highlight one of my favourite (and one of the biggest) cruelty free brands out there: Superdrug.

The first thing to say about Superdrug is that they have lots of sub-ranges, which means that you have loads of choice. If you're unsure about whether a product is cruelty free or not, look out for the 'Superdrug star'.

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This little star is featured on most of Superdrug's own brand range - with the exception of B. B. is Superdrug's makeup and skincare range and its products are slightly more expensive than the rest of the range.

I've tried out a variety of Superdrug own brand products, so I thought I'd give a little overview about each category here. I'll be delving back into my blog archive for this, so sorry if the picture quality is a little hit and miss!

Hair - This is the one aspect of the Superdrug own brand range that is yet to impress me. The shampoo was fine, the conditioner was meh, and the mousse was so bad I actually threw it out after only a couple of uses.

Body - I've been impressed with both the body wash and the moisturiser in Superdrug's range. The body was is perhaps a tad on the watery side but they have a good range of scents and it is very reasonably priced. The all-body moisturiser I've tried has been great and I actually need to re-purchase soon. I'm also going to mention the dental floss in this section, as I don't know where else to talk about it. I really got on with the whitening floss and I've been meaning to repurchase for a few weeks now - it's by far the best cruelty free floss I've used as it doesn't break up in between my teeth!

Skincare - I've had mixed results with the skincare range, but there are a few products that my face has really loved. I get on very well with the Tea Tree exfoliating scrubs and they are definitely some of my most repurchased products. I've also really liked the B. exfoliator, but it has micro-beads so I won't be purchasing it. I've had less success with the moisturiser, but for many years (pre-coconut oil) the Vitamin E eye makeup remover was my go-to.

Make-Up - As I said, Superdrug's make-up falls under the B. brand. I've had mixed results with the brand, but I really like their pressed powders and bronzers. I know my sister likes their lipsticks (although I find they lack staying power) and she rates their nail polish too. My stand-out product has to be their eye shimmers though, and there was a VERY long phase where they were my go-to daily product. In fact, I might just search them out again, now that the festive season is upon us.

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