Monday, 10 October 2016

Women on the Internet whom I Admire

I wanted to write something for mental health day, but my thoughts are no solidified enough to even begin to turn them into something legible here. However, what I will say is this: if you are suffering from any kind of mental health issue (even if you think 'well, I'm not feeling as bad a X person in my life so I'm juts making a fuss over nothing') PLEASE talk to someone. I cannot state enough the importance of telling somebody the words 'I'm not okay', even if you sob them out. By saying the words out loud you make them real, and admitting to another person (or people) that something is wrong is the best way to enable yourself to start getting help.

But, now, on to the real crux of this post: Women on the Internet whom I Admire.

This list is by no means exhaustive and I'll literally only be talking about YouTubers (sorry, fellow bloggers, I admire you very much too). It's also in no particular order.

Sadie - defense360 

Sadie is a woman who is wiser than her years. I admire her art, her passion, and her creativity. Here is her most recent video:

Linda Barsi

Linda quickly became one of my favourite people on the internet when she started giving out excellent writing advice and her position there was solidified when she opened up about her struggles with mental health. Funny, unafraid to open herself up, and, once again, creative - there is plenty to admire in Linda.

Rosianna Halse Rojas

Rosianna was one of the first British female YouTubers that I watched religiously and still do. Rosianna is insightful, driven, and honest, and I strive to read as deeply and as eloquently as she does. All her videos are rather excellent, but I'm glad that I get to share this most recent one with you.

Leena - justkissmyfrog

Leena is funny, intelligent, and sarcastic. Her 'stupid questions' series is excellent and her 'banging book club' with Lucy and Hannah (two other women who I've had to miss off this list or else it would be far too long) is brilliant.

Lex - tyrannosauruslexxx

One of the things I admire most about Lex is the fact that she hasn't changed her inexplicably complicated YouTube name... Her sense of humour is so perfectly dry and I really aspire to live in as moral a way she does. Her most recent video speaks volumes on the kind of person she is:

Estee Lalonde

I bought Estee's book, Bloom, the other day and I'm already loving it. She is a young woman who speaks and acts with great poise and dignity - even when she's pulling faces and making fun of herself. I adore how down to earth she is and her relationship with her boyfriend, Aslan, is the ultimate #couplegoals in my book - two people who respect and admire each other for everything they do. Her most recent video is a classic beauty guru makeup look, but her channel is so much more varied than that.

Jessie Cave 

I discovered Jessie through her Instagram account and immediately fell in love. It wasn't really until I went on her YouTube channel that I recognised her as 'the girl from Harry Potter'. I haven't been watching her videos for very long but her Untitled Vlogs series cracks me up no end. Her editing style is brilliant and I love her creativity.

Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell is another woman I admire because of her talent and insight all at once. I have been watching her videos for a while now and they just keep getting better. I aspire to read as widely and deeply as Jen.

Margaret - JustMargaret

Margaret makes videos very rarely nowadays but when she does I devour them within moments. She is a young woman who has been through an awful lot and I admire her tennacity, her honesty, and her passion - among other things.

I am going to end this list here, although it could very easily go on to include Kristina Horner, Kayley Hyde, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Sanne Vliegenthart, Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon, Jean (bookishthoughts), Lauren (renkellym), Lauren (readsanddaydreams), Fran Meneses, Louise Pentland, and many, many more besides.

(Edit: Can't believe I left Amanda (shessomickey) off this list first time around. I'm also sure this won't be my first edit because there are so many brilliant women on the internet doing clever and interesting things.)

Watching women on YouTube has been one of the most important aspects of my own personal growth and it is fair to say, especially for my longtime loves, that without these women I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thank you, ladies, for shaping me.

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