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Blogmas 10: Norwich Nosh Episode 1 - Frank's Bar

Recently I've found myself in a position where I've been able to eat out more, which is a very lucky position to be in! Norwich, where I live, has a cafes and bars on every corner. Norwich Nosh is a new series where I'll essentially do mini reviews of some of my favourite places to eat in Norwich.

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Episode 1 - Frank's Bar

Where: 19 Bedford Street, NR2 1AR

When: Tuesday - Sunday (Closed on Monday)

How (much): £5 for a light bite - £12 for a main meal. £2-3 for a soft/hot drink. £4 pint. £6+ cocktails.

Who: Frank's Bar invites a relaxed crowd of people - arty but not pretentious. The venue is small, so it employs a shuffle up policy and seats multiple groups to a table (they do ask first though).

What: There is a decent range of food, mostly Mediterranean inspired. Their bread platter (with olives, hummus and balsamic oil) is particularly lovely. They change their menu seasonally, so you can be assumed all their food is fresh as it comes. They have a pretty good range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals, and most of the meat dishes they have use 'unusual' meats, so they're not reliant on the over-farmed few (I've seen both pigeon and rabbit on the menu).

Why: Frank's Bar is a truly lovely little venue. They have a fully waiter-ed service, but you do have to go to the bar to collect your bill. The atmosphere is cosy and warm. I particularly recommend the hot chocolate (which you can have with soya milk and vegan mallows - although I personally can't resist having it topped with whipped cream).

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I love Frank's Bar and have been going there for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, and coffee's for years now. It's always a solid choice - even if you have to wait a little while for a seat at busy times.

Visit their website here.


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