Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blogmas 11: Cruelty Free Comparisons - Moisturiser

For those of you who are new to the blog (hello), Cruelty Free Comparisons is a series in which I review two (or more) cruelty free products - usually one cheaper and one more expensive - pitted against each other in a gladiator style battle. In the past I have done Mascara and Conditioner editions, but today is the turn of Moisturiser.

Most of us use moisturiser daily, and consider it to be an essential part of our routine. It's also one of those products where there are a lot of cruelty free versions, precisely because it is so popular. The products I've used are as follows.


Superdrug's Simply Pure Light Moisturiser (£2.69 for 75ml)

Middle of the road:

B. Confident Moisture Gel (£4.95 for 50ml)

High End: 

B. Confident Day Cream (£9.99 for 50ml)

First things first, the packaging. The Simply Pure Moisturiser comes in a classic squeezy tube, so it's really easy to use and very transportable. Both of the B. products come in frosted glass-look (although I suspect they are high-spec plastic) pots. This makes the B. products look a lot higher quality than the Simply Pure one, although they are quite heavy and would be awkward to travel with. Because you have to dunk your finger into the pot, it is also somewhat messier to apply - although it's moisturiser so you're going to be getting that gunk all over your hands anyway.

The biggest difference between these three products is the texture. The Simply Pure moisturiser does feel a lot lighter on the fingers than the B. Day Cream (which, unsurprisingly perhaps, feels very thick and creamy). The B. Moisture Gel has a very lightweight feel to it - lighter than the Simply Pure moisturiser in fact.

Once on the skin, the B. Moisture Gel just melts away and absorbs really quickly - precisely because it is so lightweight. It makes a great base for makeup because of this, as it doesn't hang around on your skin for too long.

The Simply Pure moisturiser, although light, turns tacky on the skin. I even find it becomes oddly textured, as if strands of it are balling up. This isn't reflected on how it looks on the skin, but it definitely takes longer to absorb in, even though because of the tacky-ness it feels as if it dries relatively quickly.

The B. Day Cream glides on the skin just a nicely as the B. Moisture Gel, but it doesn't absorb half as quickly. It feels quite thick on the skin, which is probably great if you're prone to dry skin or are about to go out in harsh weather conditions, but for me it felt like it was suffocating my skin. I often dab my face with a clean, dry flannel after using it to get rid of some of the excess product.

Finally, despite having a third less product than the Simply Pure tube, both of the B. pots have lasted me an awful lot longer. I think this is because, provide you don't scoop the product, you can get a tiny amount each time (and it goes quite a long way). With the Simply Pure tube it's somewhat more difficult to get a small amount of product out.

All three products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

The product I'm most impressed with out of the three has to be the B. Moisture Gel. I like the packaging, the feel of it, and most importantly how it sits on my skin.

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