Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas 5: Empties!

I love writing empties posts as nine times out of ten they are products I've really loved. I had a lot of trouble importing the images, so I'm praying they come through okay.

Most of Sainsbury's own brand products are cruelty free! I love mint scents, and this body wash is pretty nice. It isn't particularly water tight, so the product does tend to be very watery towards the end, but it still foams nicely, which is all I really want from a shower gel.

I'm still using this non-cruelty free mousse. I haven't found a decent replacement - and tomorrow's blog is going to be about my disappointment in one of the cruelty free hair mousses I tried. 

I think this B. Night Serum has appeared in an empties before. This time, though, I haven't repurchased it. It runs out really quickly, and because of the packaging it's really hard to tell if there is actually any product left.

This is the Directions Hair Dye in the colour Violet. It's a decent semi-permanent dye, in my opinion, and I re-dyed my hair once every fortnight or so. The only problem I had with this colour is that it did start to stain my hair green as the dye faded, which I wasn't super into. This one pot lasted me about 9 months though, but I've only got a tiny bit of my hair bleached.

Atrixo has been a feature of my life for the longest time as it was always my mum's preferred hand cream. I really like it, and the chamomile in it is really soothing on sore, dry skin. However I'm pretty sure it isn't cruelty free, so I've swapped it out for a different brand. One of these pots will last a solid year and a half though, so if you want product for your buck and aren't worried about it being cruelty free then this is a safe bet.

Both of these conditioners were featured in my Cruelty Free Comparison post, so you can check out my opinions of them there!

I wash my hair every day, so I don't have much use for dry shampoo. However, I did use this product as a volumiser if I was re-styling my hair mid-day and it worked pretty well. I'd probably buy the extra volume version of the Colab London if I felt the urge to buy it again.

This B. Ready Day Cream is going to be featured in Cruelty Free Comparison: Moisturiser Edition, so I won't say too much about it now. However, I will say that I liked, and not loved, this product.

So there you have it! See you in tomorrow's post!

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