Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas 2: Dr Organic Haul

The other day I noticed I was running low on conditioner, but just as I was about to pick up my Avalon Organics Spearmint Conditioner I noticed that Holland and Barret had a deal on Dr Organic! Buy 5 get 50% off! With a quick bit of maths, I realised I could buy 5 conditioners for £15! 

I thought 5 conditioners was perhaps a tad excessive, and there were a couple of other products in the range that I'd had my eye on, so I decided to have a browse!

The fist two products were conditioners, my favourite Coconut as well as an Argon oil. Both are meant to be super moisturising, perfect for my curly hair!

Intrigued by the name, I had a browse of their Rose Otto range. I had been looking for a night cream for a while, and whilst this one is out of my price range, at half price I figured I could splash out. I've used it for a couple of night now, and am pretty pleased so far. 

I also picked up their Rose Otto deodorant. I'll be comparing this with the three other cruelty free deodorants I've tried so far later in the month. Both the Rose Otto products smell like Turkish Delight, which I am very happy with!

Finally I picked up an Ice Mint lip balm. You can never have too many, and I love mint things, so this was a nice added bonus!

The Dr Organic range is all cruelty free and most are suitable to Vegans too!

See you in tomorrow's post!

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