Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas 7: Three Christmas Party Essentials

Tonight I've got my first party of the season, so I thought I'd share three of my festive essentials.

1) Red Lipstick. Not only is red lipstick a classic, and I truly believe there is a share of red out there for everyone, but it also provides a nod to the big man - Santa. 

My red lipstick is in the shade 06 from Hema, and it's lined with Barry M Red LipLiner.

2) Luxury Materials. Velvet, faux fur, (p)leather, or sequins on a Christmas jumper. Something a little bold and frivolous for a festive occasion.

I found my faux fur coat in T K Maxx and fell in love - it's fleece lined so it's super warm. The velvet dress is from Primark.

3) Glitter. The festive season demands sparkle, so glitter is essential. 

I choose my glitter in the form of eyeshadow. This hyper-pigmented Vibrant Eye Shimmer from B. is my favourite.

What are your Chrismas party essentials?


  1. These are great essentials. I'm currently in the market for a velvet dress just like that, a trip to Primark may be in order.

    Also, 100% agreeing with the glitter! X

    1. Thank you lovely! I got the dress last year, so hopefully they'll have one similar this year for you! X