Friday, 18 December 2015

Blogmas 17: Norwich Nosh Episode 2 - The Bicycle Shop

Welcome to the second installment of Norwich Nosh - the series where I tell you about cool places to eat, drink, and be merry in my lovely home city, Norwich.

Episode 2 - The Bicycle Shop

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Where: 17 St Benedicts Street.

When: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 12am, Sunday 11am - 12am, closed on Mondays.

How (much): Drinks £2+ for a soft drink, £4+ wine/beer, £6+ cocktails. Food £4+ tapas, £5+ brunch, £10+ mains.

Who: Much like Frank's Bar, The Bicycle Shop invites a bohemian crowd of mostly young proffessionals, mostly artistic. It has a very chilled out atmosphere, and often hosts live music events in the basement downstairs. 

What: The Bicycle shop serves from brunch to tapas, stopping off at larger main dishes along the way. They mostly serve Mediterranean style food, and have a good range of vegetarian and gluten free options. From memory I don't think they have many vegan options, although their menu does change fairly regularly.

Why: Named because there was a cycle repair shop on the site for most of the last century, The Bicycle Shop is a relaly lovely independant venue. It has lots of plants and candles in it, and feels really cosy. All the staff are lovely and helpful and I always walk out with a crush on at least one of them! It's really nice to go for a coffee or a meal, although I'd recommend booking in busy times because it does get full as it's only little.

You can visit their website here for more information.

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