Thursday, 17 December 2015

Blogmas 16: Cruelty Free Comparisons - Night Cream

Cruelty Free Comparisons is the series where I set two cruelty free beauty products up against each other - one budget and one more expensive - to see which is the best value for money. Today is the turn of Night Cream.

Night Cream is moisturisers heavier bedtime alternative which super-soaks your skin while you sleep.

Today's products are as follows...


B. Nourished Night Serum (£4.95 per 30ml)

High End:

Dr Organic Rose Otto Night Cream (£9.79 per 50ml)

Both products have pretty nice packaging, although the B product is plastic packed, which makes it light and easy to transport, albeit cheaper to the touch. The Rose Otto cream is in a glass pot, which makes it a little messy to get out, but since I rub it all over my face anyway I don't worry too much about that. The B serum has a pump so it's really easy to get a precise amount out, but I get the feeling there is product left in at the end which I can't get to.

The serum is slightly lighter than the cream, so if you have oily skin that might be the one to choose. That said, both products soak in really nicely - almost by the time my head has hit the pillow.

The B serum has very little smell, which is  great as it doesn't disturb me when I'm trying to sleep. The Rose Otto smells exactly like Turkish delight which is HEAVENLY and very soothing.

I really don't think there's much between these products, especially as both are suitable for vegans. I probably prefer the Rose Otto as I think it lasts a little longer for your money, but that could be my love of Turkish delight coming out!

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